Why Prefinish

Why prefinish? Factory finishing of wood base products and concrete fiberboard is the best way to achieve optimal performance and can save you thousands of dollars on a project. There are many benefits of prefinishing – here are a just few:

  • Factory finishing provides a controlled environment that ensures ideal conditions for finish application and curing
  • Materials are safe from the elements and debris, cured and stored at optimal temperature
  • Your project will never be delayed due to unfavorable weather conditions
  • Six sided coating seals out moisture, protects the life of the substrate, and ensures a long lasting finish
  • Provides a uniform coverage that simply cannot be duplicated by even the most skilled trades person
  • Prefinishing in a controlled factory environment saves you time and money! It improves subcontractor scheduling, reduces stress by avoiding weather related and other delays, reduces risk of product failure, and keeps you from going over budget on a project
  • Uniform coverage eliminates drips, sags, tannin bleed, and lap marks, and provides greater longevity of concrete fiberboard and wood based products
  • Environmentally friendly. Coatings are applied in a controlled environment – not sprayed into the environment
  • Cost effective. The cost of prefinishing is generally only one quarter of the cost of field application
These are only a few of the benefits of prefinishing. Give us a call any time – we’re happy to discuss the particular benefits of prefinishing for your project: 250.544.8195